Wishing time would slow down, I can't believe Bree turned 6 and Gwen will be 4 soon!

Bree is in full day Kindergarten and is so eager to learn. She's reading, into science and space, loves art and is learning spanish. She is still in ballet/tap and will have her second recital in June.

Gwen is now in Pre-K 4 half days a week for her speech therapy services. Drop off was a bit rough at first but now she LOVES school. She is constantly talking about her friends and all of the fun stuff she learns at school. She also started ballet/tap in January and will do her first recital in June.

A new office and more employees keep daddy busy as usual.

Mama is adjusting to have both girls in school and continues to keep busy with freelance design and photography.

Lucy celebrated her 11th birthday in the mountain air and loved every minute of it. 


Here we are with two years of living in Colorado under our belt. While we are settled and have made a home, I still feel busy as ever! A good busy watching our two sweet girls grow.

Bree started Pre-K and is excelling in all she does. She loves to learn and impresses us daily with all she knows. B loves ice skating and is still taking lessons. I believe we have found her sport.

Gwen has been in speech therapy for about eight months now and it is fun to watch her be so proud of herself. Turns out once her ears got better she can talk in full sentences, when she wants to - she is stubborn like her daddy!

Cory is still busy and very successful at work. They have grown from one employee (him) to five in the past year! New office furniture and are looking into a larger office to house even more growth.

Mama is now the President of MOMS Club of Fort Collins West and continues do freelance design and photography.

Lucy turned TEN but still reminds me she is young at heart when she reverts to her naughty puppy behavior if she is mad at me.

you are my HOME.


This fall (November 1, 2014) marked our one year anniversary of living in Colorado. I may have thought I was busy before but this past year and a half definitely proved to be the busiest! We sold our first family home, occupied two different rentals for just 5 months each, and purchased our own home in FoCo.

Cory's started his new ventures in work and the girls and I settled into a new routine. Bree started gymnastics - she loves it! We joined a play group that showcases so many activities and places to explore. Mama enjoys Saturday morning hikes with friends and daddy has gotten into mountain biking again. Overall we LOVE it here!

Lucy turned nine this year and is struggling with knee pain. The girls love to snuggle and play with her though she would rather us let her sleep all day.

It's a WONDERFUL life!

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