Tuesday, August 23, 2011


In the past weeks we have seen quite a few changes in our little girl...teeth, waving, crawling, saying mama and now on to walking.

Two little stubs of teeth on the bottom have poked through and I don't think the top two are far behind.

Bree has been waving to us for quite a while, but recently she has started waving bye to Miss Linda at daycare (but only Miss Linda). She has a sassy attitude towards the daycare workers if they are out of their usual spot.

Crawling...well, Bree's crawl has a little bit of a scoot to it. With one knee down and one foot down, she gets going pretty quick. What I adore most about her crawling is as she gets to going fast she scrunches her nose and snorts. The not so cuteness to crawling is keeping her away from Lucy's food and water. So it seems, no matter where I "hide" Lucy's bowls Bree finds them within seconds. She knows she is not to be touching them but this is how it goes every time. She looks up at me oh so sweetly and grins, proceeds to touch the water, I say no, Bree claps and quickly dumps the water. There used to be the same fascination with the plants, but they are not so interesting anymore, although sometimes I see her pause to look at them deciding, should I taste the dirt...happily I am trilled she usually passes them by.

Aww...and my favorite new thing. Mama, mama, mama. We hear this a lot these days, not just as a babble but to get my attention. It is great to see her reaction when I turn to her when she calls. I am a lucky mama!

Recently Bree is getting brave with the cruising along furniture. She will go and wants to get moving, but still reaches and reaches until she can grab something else before stepping. She will walk behind her walker and really gets going...too fast most of time or she gets distracted and falls. Just the other day I did get her to take a couple of steps toward me before falling...won't be long now!

I'm sure I have missed a few things, but she learns a ton everyday. I see the learning that happens daily and forget when people haven't seen her in a while they miss the little things that equal BIG changes!

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