Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Oh how much our lives have changed in four years ... engaged to married to a family! Sometimes I forget how fast and furious life really is. Days pass us so fast I forget how far I have come. Seems like only a few years ago I moved to Wichita to embark on a new adventure, but in reality it has been 11 years, wow, over a decade. Cory and I meet over 6 years ago and will be married for 4 years this coming October ... not to mention we are parents! Hmm, how did all of this happen in the blink of an eye?! And yet, I couldn't imagine a better life for myself. I count myself as one of the lucky ones. A loving and supportive husband, amazing father to our beautiful, perfect, full of life girl. She is growing so fast and I love every morning the cheerful 'hello, up mama' as she busts into our bedroom. How could everyday not be a good morning!

To celebrate Leap Day we took a family day. Just us three all day! Breakfast danishes, flowers for mama (thanks to daddy, for remembering 4 years ago, the day he proposed), a trip to the zoo and dinner out!

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