Monday, June 25, 2012

20 months and a whole lot of fun!

Cory had his work company picnic at All Star Sports and man was it HOT out! We played some mini golf. Bree mostly would just pick up our ball for us and put it in the hole :) Daddy and Bree rode the carousel. I didn't realize it until this picture was taken how HOT and flushed my poor baby was.

Bree loves to read (especially Dr. Seuss), her newest favorite is The Lorax. She has her own way of reading this particular book though. Not so much reading, more finding the Lorax on each page. He moves around quite a bit and sometimes he is missing. When he does not appear on a page she'll say, "I dunno know," with a worried look. But low and behold, "there he is," is quick to follow once we turn the page! My BIG 20 month old!

The highlight of our weekend was going to the movie theater to watch Brave. I was so impressed that Bree sat through the whole movie. For most of the movie she sat on the edge of my lap so excited! Even when little boys screamed as the big, scary bear was on screen she just sat and simply said "bear." We had a really nice family weekend...busy, but fun.

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