Wednesday, June 6, 2012

big girl bed

I know you can barely see my sweet baby girl in this HUGE bed, but today she insisted she sleep in it. She kept wanting asking to go downstairs and would say Pappy. I told her Pappy wasn't down there. Finally I decided to show her he was in fact not. She ran to the guest bedroom, stood looking at me shaking her head yes and saying Pappy. Yes, this is in fact where Pappy stays, but she wasn't even after Pappy. Her big girl bed was hiding in the guest room. I laid it down for her to see and she said good night. Took a little snooze on just the mattress. So after her nap I thought it was time to set up her big girl bed. Daddy is working hard to refinish my childhood bed, so the frame is not quite ready, but I figure she doesn't mind. After a couple hours of mama moving furniture and packing away the crib she didn't want to leave her room...not even for an afternoon swim! She was going crazy, just giggling and playing in her new bed. She is so proud of her new sheets she picked. She waited and waited for daddy to get home today to show him. When bedtime rolled around she was out when her little head hit the pillow. Sweet, tiny girl!

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