Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a day of firsts

Today was a day of firsts...first visit to the chiropractor, followed by a visit to the dentist. These appointments were really for Mommy, but while we were there it was a perfect time to get my growing girl checked out too! She did AWESOME! She loves massages so it was no surprise the chiropractor was a hit. I was nervous about how she would do at the dentist while I was getting my teeth cleaned. Don't worry I was prepared. We packed the portable dvd player, her Turtle Tale movie and snacks. She sat patiently watching her movie in the corner glancing over occasionally to see what they were doing on mama. When the dentist asked to check out her teeth she smiled "cheese." She didn't want his finger too far in, but she was quite excited she was given a new toothbrush out of the deal :)

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