Thursday, September 13, 2012


Bree does and says some funny, funny things. As to not forget them all I have decided to do some Bree-iums posts here and there...

One night Cory was trying to get Bree to bed and he told her to shut her eyes. A couple of day after that I was laying Bree down for nap and she asked to be rocked. We don't rock much anymore unless we are reading so I thought, sure why not, I'd love to cuddle my sweet girl. As we sat there rocking she was holding her eyes tightly shut and peaking every once in a while. She caught me looking at her and says, "Close your eyes mama." Cracked me up!

We had to make a pit stop at the bathroom in Dillons on our recent shopping trip, (this pregnant mama can't make it through that store) I was feeling like I was going to be sick. We barely got inside the door and I had to throw up. Bree is used to this, so that didn't phase her. It was in fact the smell of the public restroom that made her exclaim, "Pew wee!" It did smell but I think she made the person in the stall a little embarrassed. What do you do?! She's a kid and well they just tell the truth with no filter.

We are in the process of potty training and I could probably write a million funnies on this topic. However this one is top list and mind as it just happened. It is more Bree's response than the incident itself. We had been having such a successful day, always making it to the potty. It was nearing dinner time and I need to get into the kitchen and get dinner going. Bree had just peed so I figured I had a little bit of time to let her play on her own without an accident. Rookie potty trainer mistake! We have been mostly going naked while at home as this seems to make it easier for her to get to the potty. Otherwise she is sitting on the potty peeing through panties and gets upset. Anyway I am working away in the kitchen when I hear, "Oop, Opp! Pew wee Bree!" I know we have had an accident just with the oop, oop. But the Pew wee means poop! I run to the living room to see her running cheeks clinched to the bathroom with poop trailing. Believe me at this point I was thinking potty training fail, how would we get this!

Some short favorites...

"Oh, Bree!" (When she drops something, spills, falls... Apparently I have said this!)

"Good Job Bree." (Self praise when I am not quick enough to tell her good job.)

"Cheers!" (She feels the need to 'cheers' everyone at the dinner table)

"Stop it Lucy!" (When Lucy is barking, licking, asking for food.)

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