Thursday, January 10, 2013



Yes, I know it is January 10th and I sort of missed the 1st, but better late than never ;)

I have never been a huge New Year's Eve fan. It is sort of like Valentine's Day...when you are young you have such high expectations of the day and always, I mean ALWAYS, end up being disappointed. No matter if the day, or evening was in fact good. You had it better in your head. At least, this is my experience. So I see days like this just another day and try not to plan these elaborate things. This has worked folks! Now the new year comes and goes and I just appreciate the day. This New Year's was spent at home with my sweet girl and hubby. Nothing exciting, just us. I loved it!

In 2011 and 2012 we hit some bumps. Some that seem oh so long ago and yet can still bring me to tears. BUT in the final days of 2012 the good has found its way back!

Bree broke her tibia after Thanksgiving and it was quite the ordeal to get her on the road to healing. Poor sweet babe, she rocked her boot. On December 31 her x-ray showed it healed great and she was back to normal and running! Such a relief. I was worried with how our luck sometimes runs that we'd see a problem.

Cory started 2013 with a bang as well. He waited and waited for his SE test results to come before Christmas, after all everyone else that took the test had already received their results. Nothing came. He was sure he failed anyway, so he said he didn't really need the letter. For some reason I kept telling him he passed. He had studied sooo very hard for months! I really wanted my gut to be true. After Christmas he e-mailed the state and was faxed some VERY good news! HE PASSED!!!! A few days later, his letter finally came. It must have been lost in the mail. We are very proud of daddy and so happy his hard work paid off!

Lastly, I know that 2013 will hold challenges, but I also know we have great joy soon to come. Only 8 weeks (or less) to go until baby girl arrives!! I am so ready and so not. I can't wait to meet this babe but know I better get in gear and get some stuff prepared! Bree has been quite the "helper" in this aspect. Problem is she really is making more work. :/

Welcome 2013! I hope you continue to be good to us!

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