Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just us at home

The first few days at home :)

Laying in the sun to get that bilirubin out

 Bree lovin' on sissy

Can't help taking pictures of my sleepy girl

Bree and Gwen just giggling

Big Sister Bree hasn't skipped a beat...busy as ever!

Reading and watching Clifford. (Thank You Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Leslie, Alexis & Allison) Clifford has now been added to her "effects" that must go where ever she goes!

Bree has taken to pumping.

When Gwen naps mama and Bree enjoy playing some BIG girl games. She loves to play memory match!

Bree took this picture of mama and Gwen cuddling. She may have decided she'd rather take pictures than be in them. Most days it is a fight to get her to smile, or even hold still for that matter. However if she can get a hold of my phone or the camera she is taking pictures. Maybe a little photographer on our hands. :)

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