Thursday, March 14, 2013

The final days as just 3...

We had been patiently (sort of) awaiting the arrival of baby Gwen. February 13 I called Cory and told him he needed to head home from work since my contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart for the past hour. Once he got home we dropped Bree off so we could head to the hospital. Once at the hospital they told me I was at a 5 and my contractions were consistent. However, since I wasn't full term they couldn't help speed labor. So for 16 hours I laid in the hospital contracting every couple of minutes with no real progress. The next morning my contractions became inconsistent so I probably wasn't going to be having a baby today the doctor said, and sent me home to rest. I did sort of think that February 14 would have been a neat birthday, but no such luck. Both Cory and I were exhausted since we hadn't really slept. I rested most of Valentine's Day, though contractions would wake me most of the time. I was starting to get pretty uncomfortable and grumpy.

Bree at her Valentine's Day party, Feb. 13
Even though the doctor said he'd probably see me back in a day or two, I felt like it might never happen! Saturday, February 16 I decided this laying around the house "resting" wasn't making me very happy. Thus I decided we should take Bree to the circus as it probably could be our last outing with just one kiddo! We had a good time at the circus then came home and enjoyed a nap (all three of us :). 

At the circus :)

On a whim I thought it would be a good idea to enjoy some spicy food to help these contractions really kick in. So Garrett and Alli meet us for dinner. All the while I was having contractions, some strong others not. Once we got home from dinner my contractions seemed stronger, but then again I thought I just didn't feel too well. I started Bree's bath when all the sudden I just felt real bad. I told Cory he was going to have to take over bath as I didn't feel well. A few minutes later, around 7:30 p.m., I thought my water broke...I was a bit unsure at first, mostly I couldn't believe it!

Now my contractions were in full force! Off to the hospital, got checked in and realized this was it!! When they checked I was at a 6 and ready for my epidural. After getting settled in, epidural going, I was told to get some rest. At 11 p.m. the nurse rechecked and I was at a 7. About 11:15 p.m. they were struggling to trace her heart so they came in to move me around and see what was going on. This didn't help so the doctor came in and said we were going to have to do some oxygen and get the internal monitor going. Before that she decided to check and I was complete! Ready to push. I remember looking at the clock once we were ready and it said 11:36 p.m. I thought to myself there is no way she'll be here before midnight. After a few big pushes the doctor said the cord was around her neck, so she was going to have to pull her out. With that she was out. Time 11:43 p.m. What a surprise, right before midnight!!

And then there were 4...!

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