Monday, June 10, 2013

Bree-isms: May 2013

Sometimes Bree really makes me laugh. I just don't know where she comes up with some of the stuff she say, but always I am so happy and proud of the little things she says. Here are just the ones I remember...I try to write them down, but we are so busy!

Come on, follow me. 
 (When she wants someone to play)

Close your eyes, go to sleep.
(This has been said to her and now she will tell us to do it when she wants us to lay by her.)

Bye bye, see you later.

Look! See that.

What's that? and Who's that?

Ouch, that hurts me!

I need the doctor. Picture of my ouchie.
(Since her broken leg she now wants an x-ray for everything)

How about this one?
(When shopping she will pick out clothes and ask me, how about this one?)

It's spicy.
(When food was too spicy for her I would say, it's spicy. Now whenever she doesn't want to eat something she tells me, It's spicy. )

Oh, gross!

(Always said really loudly when I wish she wouldn't yell it.)

Where is 'em?
(When asking where people are.)

Oh boy, oh mama!

It's okay Gwen, Bree's here.
(I say this to Bree when she is scared at night. So now Bree will lean down and kiss Gwen and say this when she cries. Best big sister ever!!)

Why not?
(I grow tired of this question)

I don't know either.

Oh, I love it! My favorite.
(Her comment when given presents.)

Sure does!
(First said once after she told me her tummy hurt. She bent down and a big 'ol toot came out. I asked if her tummy felt better and she responded with, Sure does!)

I never seen this before.
(She says this when we put new movies in. This one really had me laughing.)

AND my favorite...

Phew wee! Motorcycle poop!  
(As a motorcycle burnt its wheels as it went by.)

Nice to meet you.
(Randomly just started shaking hands with everyone saying nice to meet you.)

We LOVE this little girl :)

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