Saturday, June 15, 2013

May catch up

Who was monkeying around and fell off the bed?! Gave herself a real nice bruise. 

 A little loving on daddy after bath

Happy Mother's Day! I couldn't have asked for a better day, which started with breakfast in bed with my girls :)

My loves :)

Can't get enough of these precious girls sleeping!!

Hanging out with the twins! Gwen and Oliver and Bree with Luke

Bree loves to play doctor with Gwen...Gwen loves the attention too!

Taking turns doing breathing treatments with Pappy.

Moving is exhausting!

Lucy and Gwen aren't the best kitchen set playmates

Went in to check on Bree and Gwen the first day for nap at the apartment and this is what I found! At least one of them was sleeping :)

Sister love

My little baby is already wanting to sit up. How can this be?!

Baby Tierney Jane is here! Five, that's right FIVE little girls!

Big sisters with Tierney

A few of the best pictures we could get with all of them...

Bree and Gwen with their new cousin

All the big girls

That should about cover May :)

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