Wednesday, September 25, 2013

June 2013

Well it happened again...I got all caught up and then behind. So I'll just have to settle for month posts from June to September! I'm sure I'll miss quite a bit of what we did, but here goes :)

4 month-old girl!

Sticky paper art project

  Bree riding carnival rides. Actually she was scared to death!

She LOVED dance class

Such a nice sister, Bree made Gwen cupcakes

 Father's Day

 Gwen is such a happy baby and loves to play.

First bath together (well sort of) Now they actually take a bath together with no infant tub.

Love spending my day with these two silly girls

 Bree thought she needed a turn in the bumbo

Loving on sissy!

 Look at my pony tail!!

 Best friends, walking the zoo

Play group pal, Shelby

 Bree working. Gwen and I were told to be quiet!

And here is miss Gwen while Bree works, just chillin'

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