Wednesday, December 11, 2013

September 2013

Labor Day with all of the second generation cousins

All summer we would take weekend trips to the park to have a picnic breakfast and feed the ducks. Gwen was eating so daddy and Bree walked down to feed the ducks. I captured this sweet moment through the trees.

Another family fun day at park. Just look at these cuties. 

Now for a few random days....
Playing at Toyota while we get an oil change. Bree and Gwen never seem to mind how long we have to wait on the car.

Bree took money to the store to ride in the Mickey car.

Bree's first time bowling.

Kansas State Fair - Pronto pups, ice cream at 10 a.m., carnival rides, pig races and great friends

Gwen and Myla's ride
Ryin and Bree's ride

Fun at the Zoo

We were trying to get pictures of these girls together...this is what we got!

Just my girls...

Seven months old
She NEVER holds still!

And now for a little comparison, Bree on left and Gwen is on right, both at seven months.

Keepin' busy

This is what Lucy does ALL day...lucky pup!


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