Tuesday, January 14, 2014

December 2013

We started off December with tree decorating and Christmas tunes. This year Bree really enjoyed some mommy alone time decorating.

She was being shy about the photo for some reason.  

We visited Santa and his reindeer. Gwen did NOT care for Santa. This is the first year Bree sat next to him without screaming. She refused to sit on his lap, but did climb up beside him and asked for princess barbies.

Our first big snow was not really a hit for either girl. It took us 20 minutes to get bundled up and ready to go out and about 20 seconds for them to want to go back inside.

The next day when I was about to back the car out Bree says, "Look mom, I made an angel!" I didn't even know she knew how to make snow angels.

Gwen turned 10 months! This crazy girl is always on the go!!

These girls :)

We try at least once a week to have lunch with daddy at his office.

The weekend before Christmas we went to see Frozen. Both girls enjoyed the movie. 


This year was also the first time we decorated a gingerbread house. 

Christmas at Mima and the Grinch's...wait, that's Pappy! Bree was not going to sit next to him!

 Tierney and Gwen playing farm. 

We surprised Pappy with a kindle.

New Year's Eve Bree got a party at from the store and feel asleep on the way home. So much for a party :)

Presents with cousins and Nana

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