Thursday, March 13, 2014

In a split second...

For me most days the hours fly by, months and even somehow the past year. In the flurry of ordinary days you forget how everything can change in a split second. Recently I was reminded, not once but, twice how true this is. Just the moment you make a decision, a bad one, others lives can change. A fatal crash just blocks from our house crosses my mind every time I drive by. What was he thinking? Why would he do that? Did he not think someone could get hurt, or worse die? Honestly I understand and I feel sorry for him when I pass the spot. Every day, every one of us makes quick decisions and almost always things turn out fine. The problem is when they don't.

Or how about when you don't have a decision, you are just going about your day and bam! Your life changes in an instant. A tiny two year old we know has been fighting, oh so hard, for her life the past few months. Kids get sick and you always think they will be better in a few days. She has not been so lucky. At first she was living second to second, her little body struggling to fight the disease. Currently her battle continues, her parents are drowning as they must wait. Wait to see what the future holds. Will she ever be the little girl they once knew? Can her brain heal and conquer the tasks she used to do, plus some? This place is not somewhere you ever imagine. I pray for strength, healing and comfort. My heart breaks.

I do not understand this broken world. I love my girls, my husband, my life. To think in a split second my world could shatter. It is easy to take moments and days for granted. I am guilty of this. The older I get I feel like the more aware I am becoming. The only concrete thing you have is the moment you are in, for in a split second it changes.Wishing for a pause button...

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