Saturday, May 31, 2014

Adventures of May

May Day projects with mommy

 One worn out girl

 We had to rescue a little bunny from the window well. The girls really wanted to hold and it keep it.

 Just look at this face. How could I not love this sweetie!!

So proud of Bree, she really amazes daily. She drew a picture of our family. Best she's drawn so far!

We have had some lovely days exploring new parks. The playgroup we just joined has really been showing us all of the fun places to play and learn.

 Bree is always napping with Lucy.

When we were trying to organize the garage Bree wanted to play with the sled. She told me she didn't need snow. However, snow did fall the next day, so they got to use it for it's real purpose.

Horsetooth Falls hike with mama

New bike

We love arts and crafts!

Oh the places this child chooses to nap

Fishing at Horsetooth

 Little Forrest Gump :)

The girls were super excited daddy picked up a pool on his way home. The water was FREEZING but they didn't care!!

 Of course Bree would sort all the toys...wouldn't be like her not too!

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