Monday, July 21, 2014

Randomness of June 2014

As always we were busy the month of projects, rec classes, library time, sick kiddos and a trip to Kansas. 

From this crazy, on the go this can't keep my eyes open, burning hot with fever in a matter of hours. Poor girl was miserable. 

 Fun time with mama when Bree was at princess camp.

 Who doesn't love sleeping kiddos?! :)

Bree's crafts from her Olivia pig class. (Notice she saved some clay back to make Olaf.)

Leaving the library these two melted my heart.


Mama has been enjoying Saturday morning hikes with other mamas.

Trip to Kansas
Loving her new baby :)

Reunited at the zoo!

 Cousin fun!

This right here sums up how the ride was for Bree. She was so wore out!

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