Friday, February 27, 2015

February 2015

As usual the month was super busy and flew by. We celebrated a lot in February - Ice skating, friends from Kansas, Valentine's Day, Gwen's Birthday, and a trip to Dallas for just mommy and daddy (the first time leaving our babies behind!)


 Home Depot Valentine boxes

 Teepee sleeping with their friends

The weather was so amazing we were able to go hiking in t-shirts!

 Gwen got to turn forward facing and is LOVING it.

Valentine's Day cards

This little one is getting good at ice skating. It is fun to watch her get better each time.

 My baby turned 2!

We had a little party for Gwen, nothing huge as she has been overwhelmed when we are around too many people. This strong willed girl didn't want to wear her Minnie Mouse outfit, or blow out candles at her party.

 On her actual birthday she did let us put the candle in a bowl of ice cream.

Cory and I had a really nice time away with just each other, although after 1 day we were both ready to come home to our girls!

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