Friday, April 3, 2015

March 2015

As always the month passes so quickly and I am late posting.

These girls love story time and books!

Bree passed Tot 1 and moved on to Tot 2 and did awesome!!

Gwen gets tired of waiting and watching Bree during skating. One day she even brought her helmet so she could go skate too!

Fun playing in the sun and snow with friends.

Bree's first printmaking, titled Caterpillar in the Grass  

We love our naps! 

I could just sit and watch Gwen sleep. Love this cutie and how she likes to sleep with toys. Here she is sleeping with her dollhouse Gwen and Daddy. I also love this picture of the dollhouse family all in one bed... seems about right!

Boots and prepping the garden

St. Patrick's Day parade


I had my photo back drops set up for a shoot and Bree was sitting playing in it. I started taking her picture and she got super mad at me. I think the pictures are too funny.

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