Friday, May 8, 2015

April 2015: Easter and Everyday Life

Easter Egg Hunting at Mom's Group
Gwen was opening every egg to see what what it before she put it in her basket.

Easter Sunday
Starting the morning out early with Easter basket goodies!


Not real sure what is going on here, but I think Gwen was sneaking eggs :)

The Hunt begins

The Hunt is over

A VERY WARM day at the park in April. We had so much fun. This day I also realized what a little girl Gwen is looking like...not my little baby. Potty trained, swinging in a big girl swing and is able to keep up with all the big kids!

These sweeties! Free Ice Cream at Ben and Jerry's means a ride in the cow car.

Bree has been scared of the 8 o'clock man (Wee Willie Winkle) so she has been crawling into bed with Gwen. Glad little Gwennie is going to protect big sis!

Bree wanted to put on a show for me. They both got dressed up and Bree told Gwen to play the guitar while she sang. However at the end of the song Bree realized Gwen didn't do her part!

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