Thursday, July 21, 2016

December 2015

December didn't turn out quite like I would have hoped but I we still had some memorable moments.

We soaked up the sun on one of the last warm December days. 


Bree was so prepared for her visit to Santa. She wrote her list and was so happy to read it to him! Gwen wouldn't have anything to do with him.

Fun in the snow! 
December 15 a HUGE snow storm blew in and school was canceled. This year Bree really decided she loved playing in the snow. She spent most of her snow day outside or with a cup of hot chocolate. Gwen says, "I don't love this." She basically refused to go out. Instead she was found eating chex mix and watching some tv.

 Gwen spends her time inside, in the snowsuit, eating chex mix. She says she doesn't love the snow.

 School Christmas program


After the school program we headed out to visit Santa again (Gwen said she wanted to sit on his lap) and ride the horse drawn carriage. It was cold, the line for Santa took FOREVER and many of the planned activities weren't happening (no horse drawn carriage). We decided to leave. So close to the car I slipped on the ice and down I feel with Gwen in my arms. Bree was scared and backed away. Gwen was crying because her hot chocolate (cold at this point) spilled all over the both of us. I could not get up. I had heard my leg POP and the pain was immediately overwhelming. Lucky for us a nice family saw the accident and came to help us. I was able to drive home with my left foot so Cory could meet us and take me to the ER. Mama broke her fibula in two places and sprained the tendons in my ankle.

This was the best picture we got with Santa after waiting 40 minutes to see him.

Since I broke my leg this has been our days... 

 Christmas after math

 She gets it from her organized!

 Closed out 2015 with cousins and sparkling juice!


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