Monday, August 1, 2016

April 2016

Gwen was so excited to get to join in on Bree's ballet class. 


Date night at a Realities for Children event
I sure do love this guy!

Played too hard.

This girl and her style. 

Tic tack toe with rocks

Perfect snowman building snow!

The Casey family - Not the reason I wish were all together, but it is amazing to see what a family Grandma and Grandpa created. 


All my Casey cousins

Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

Dad and his remaining siblings

Immediate family

Another Wichita visit for daddy to ride in the Tour de Cure and us girls got to visit friends. We really miss going to the zoo with these girls.

Lucy was so exhausted from the trip, took her about a week to be herself again.

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