Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016

This girl is quite a character and the one-on-one time with her while Bree is in school is priceless. In her sweetest little voice she says, "Mom, I've been thinking about cookies, please." Cookie making it is then!

We LOVE being outdoors, hiking, fishing and camping.

Officially added to the cabin tree

This is how Lucy celebrated her 11th birthday...a dogs dream!

Sneaky little thing got into sissy's legos. Hoping she gets them put back where they go or someone will notice :)

Short little day trip into the canyon for a cookout, fishing and time exploring as a family.

This big school going girl looks awfully tiny when she is exhausted.

Hugs, the Koala class pet, got to have a sleep over with Gwen. She took the job of taking care of him VERY serious. Her sweet face melts me.

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