Wednesday, September 2, 2009

to start...

Today I decided to start a blog...mostly because I feel my life is whizzing by, not that my life is oh so interesting. So why not!

I started a new job a month ago and it feels like maybe only a few days ago. It is new and different and I hope has a lot to offer me.

Also as exciting... we are almost, oh so close, to having the basement complete. Some final touches, carpet and then of course some much need R & R! Cory of course is just excited to finish so he can FINALLY get his big screen and Wii. His reward for working so hard on the house. :) Lucy will undoubtedly bug him until he lets her play outside in the window well...and she will win this battle, he always gives into her fits. It's no wonder she is so spoiled!

Better quit for today...someone needs to make dinner!

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