Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vacation...basement...new stuff!

Wow...September is flying by. However we started the month out right...with vacation. :) It is always good to have down time from work e-mails demanding this and that.

September is a big month for Lucy. She turned four on September 5th. Unfortunately we missed our baby's birthday...good thing her very special friend, uncle Garrett, was nice enough, well with some incentive, took her to Petco to pick out birthday presents. A tiny little elephant (that has already lost it's tail and trunk) and some bacon strips. She was also quite lucky to have Garrett's friends sing her happy birthday. Sometimes Lucy is sort of relieved to have Garrett pack is bags after a few days of babysitting...not this time. She was actually so sad to see him go she almost didn't realize she hadn't seen us in days. Apparently this means we were away from home for too long or it could have been Garrett spoiled her with presents!

It is always hard to get into the swing of work after missing. A short three day week seemed to last forever. The past couple of weeks I was working double time. Bethel during the day and the Journal until wee hours of the morning. Four to five hours is just not enough sleep! Today I finished my big Journal project so I will have my evenings back until the next big one.

Well, I'll sort of have my evenings back. In March, I decided to teach myself to quilt. I started small with a crib quilt for Tianna. I wanted Trinity to have one too, so I started her twin quilt. October 8th is approaching fast and I want to finish before her birthday. I also will be making my dad's Halloween costume again this year. This one will be a bit of a challenge. I'll post pictures once it's finished.

We have been cookin' on the basement. The bathroom now has a working toilet and towel rods. Cory worked extra hard this past weekend and finished hanging all the trim. Carpet is slated for October 2nd and the TV and sound system will arrive October 3rd. That's right...he ordered a TV and surround sound before the carpet is even in the house. As a tease the store sent the blu-ray player home with us. Every night he peaks into the box just to see it. He of course can barely sleep knowing that soon he will have his man cave. It is going to kill us having a few weeks of nothing happening in the basement!

Chat at you all later...time for bed, Lucy is wanting to cuddle. :)

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