Monday, July 9, 2012


Recently Bree has been playing dress up in my old minnie mouse skirt. The thing is she says it is a shirt, not a skirt. Haha. This girl! I do love it as a poncho though! She makes it look cute :)

We have encountered a few issues with the ponch. She insisted on wearing it out of the house. That's right. I'm the parent walking around stores with a randomly dressed child. She wore it to a wedding reception. And the same evening woke up an hour after being put to bed only to ask for her "poncho." After fighting over this for a while I told her she could sleep with it, not wear it, just sleep with it. It seemed like she agreed. That is until I heard her chattering to baby doll about it. I peaked in her room, as it was now 11 at night, and saw her trying to get baby into the poncho. A few minutes later she was quiet and I assumed she was asleep. I have this craziness that I can't lay down without seeing her all snug in her bed, so I went to check. Only to find that she had instead put the poncho on herself and was  fast asleep. :) I was a bit worried about her sleeping in it. I hope it was just a one night deal!

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