Sunday, July 8, 2012


A beautiful day for a wonderful wedding! I just love the pictures of Rebecca and Tyler with Bree. I think she felt pretty special being all dressed up. Bree was a little too nervous to walk down the aisle by mama ended up carrying her. 

Overall Bree did SOOO good at the wedding. I was worried as I knew it would be a long day, but she was a trooper. She did sneak in a few naps, but by the time the reception started she was ready to go! She especially loved the band!

Bree had a great time with Aunt Beck and Tyler. Ever since the wedding she asks for Aunt Becky and Tyler daily. She pretends she is talking on the phone to Becky quite a bit. When I ask were they are she  runs to the front door and says "I dunno know." She keeps saying she wants Aunt Becky. I think it is time for her and Tyler to visti (hint, hint...we miss you here!)

gorgeous couple

Bree was thought Tyler was pretty fun

I know I am sort of biased, but how cute is my sweet girl!!

Pop Pop, Nana and the flower girl

Daddy and Bree Bird

Mama and Bree

Mr. & Mrs. Wright

Lovin' the band...tearin' up the dance floor

UPS with Aunt Leslie and with Aunt Mary

With Sue and Charlie and dancing with Nana

Alexis and Bree were the center of attention on the dance floor!

We had such a fun time catching up with Great Uncle Charlie and Great Uncle Kenny (all the way from New Jersey). 


At the end of the night Bree was cuddling up with her giraffe. :) She almost made it until the end!


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