Thursday, August 21, 2014

July 2014

July was full of fun. We scored a free swing set, that needed work, and it turned out amazing! The girls are really loving having this in the backyard!

 Bree was dressed up as a super hero... silly Gwen put on her getup too.

 I could watch her sleep all night. :) What a sweetie laying her baby right next to her.

 And this is happening... my little big girl in BIG girl panties! She is so happy to be wearing them. Of course since we are potty training, she doesn't wear much else!

After the rains in Colorado there is almost always a rainbow. This particular early evening rain left a full, end-to-end rainbow, with parts of a double. 

The Lutters family came for a visit, we went on a trail walk, drove the Poudre Canyon, Loveland Lake and just hung out. The girls had a great time playing.

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