Tuesday, September 23, 2014

August 2014

These two crazies just wanted to play outside with their helmets. They are sometimes just too funny. 

However, we are glad she does wear a helmet. Her arm wasn't so lucky in her recent bike crash!

Lovin' on baby Sophie :)

For a couple of weeks Gwen insisted on sleeping with big Sis. Some nights this wasn't an issue, but others they would scream, cry and fight over the sleeping arrangement. I loved peaking in and seeing my two babies sharing a bed.  However, I guess it was time for Gwennie to get a big girl bed. When I asked her if she wanted a big girl bed the response was hard to refuse. "Yea!" she exclaimed. That day she got a bed. She was SO excited, but mama is a little sad my little girl is 18 months and sleeping amazing in her new bed. 

 This kid. Always a silly girl. 

Sunday Funday at Odells...love this weather!

 Hiking with my girlies

 We could have painted all day. These girls LOVE crafts (so does mama :))!!

A couple of my favorite random pictures in August. Bree's outfits make me smile and I love a sleeping girl. Gwen, well just look at this cutie.

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